Thursday, November 3, 2016

Protecting Yourself from Requests for Free Work

I teach a small class of teenagers once a week. One extremely advanced student reported she is often badgered by other kids to draw something for them. I suggested she appoint me her "art manager" and then politely tell the requester her art manager won't let her do the work for free. She says it works. You can do something similar by asking a good friend or relative to be your art manager, at least for such purposes, and then having that person set rules you both agree on.

Set a Reserve Price for Auctions

Bill Frazier, Montana attorney specializing in artist matters, says in his column "Law and the Art World," in the Fall 2016 State of The Arts: "Do not enter your work in [commercial or charitable] auctions unless you set a reserve price below which the work will not be sold. If the auction objects to your setting a reserve, do not participate in that auction."  --