Saturday, August 22, 2015

Searching within AOM

Using the global find function of Adobe Reader or most other PDF readers, you can quickly make a list according to almost any criteria. For instance, searching for "PA" (Whole word and case specific) will give you all entries that specifically are looking for PAinting, although you'll get a couple of things in Pennsylvania as well, which you can easily ignore. A search for "Medium: All" will give you those which accept painting in theory, and a search for "2D" will give you more. A search for "NY" will give you everything in the state of New York and "NY 100" (but not whole words only) will give you NYC, as will "NY NY"  Search for "No fee" to find the free ones, and so on.

The list will show the first line of each entry and you can click on that to go directly to that one. You can then then copy and paste or drag into into a word processing field for later use, ending up with your own personal list.

Unless there has been a change recently, the Readers cannot save the lists they make, however, but recent versions of Adobe Acrobat can.

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