Saturday, January 17, 2015

Canadian Jewish Book Awards for 2015 Canceled

The Koffler Centre of the Arts has canceled the Helen & Stan Vine Canadian Jewish Book Awards for 2015.

Sustainable Arts Foundation Offers Awards to Artists with Children

The Sustainable Arts Foundation offers over $80,000 annually in unrestricted cash awards to artists and writers with children. Spring deadline: 2/27/2015.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Clymer entry fee should be $40/3 not $25/3.

The Clymer Museum and Gallery has reported that its lising in the Dec AOM had a mistake. Board member Michael J Lewis wrote: 

To whom it may concern:

The fee is not correct in your published listing for the Clymer Museum and Gallery West of the Mississippi Show.  It is $40 for three digital images.  I must insist you inform me of where you got this misinformation and that you republish using the correct fee amount.  THank you for your cooperation.

Michael J. Lewis
Member Board of Directors
Clymer Museum and Gallery

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Correct Link for advertiser The Project Space

The link for The Project Space banner ad that was in the Classified Ads section of AOM Pro that was sent our Jan 2 should be!opportunities/c228v. The banner ad also appears on the Web in four places, in AOM Pro, Part II, and AOM Free. In all those cases, the link is correct. It has also been corrected in all new editions of the January isses so that new an renewing subscribers will get the correct link. AOM regrets the error.