Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Submission Mistakes

A few months ago, we asked readers why so many artists made significan mistakes when submitting their work to calls for art. Here is one response:

I currently teach workshops online for [name witheld] University and have been teaching "live" workshops for over 25 years. I've come to the conclusion that the reasons people make "mistakes" are many. Among them are: a basic lack of intelligence - let's be honest, most people are just plain stupid - a short drive in your car will immediately prove this; arrogance - many students think they know a better way to it, despite the fact that they are learning something for the first time; lack of attention - people think they're listening/paying attention, but their mind is somewhere else (what's for lunch, sex, or whatever). Although my instructions are clear and concise (I've written 11 books), they're rarely followed. The only way I know it's not something I do wrong, is when that rare student follows instructions (and gets results). I can't understand why people spend their hard-earned money to learn something new, and then go ahead and do it the same way they've been doing it over and over again.

Be grateful to those who do follow instructions - as I said, they prove it's not you...

--Name Witheld

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