Saturday, October 13, 2012

Use of media by Art Opportunities Monthly Subscribers

The statistics below represent the percentage of AOM subscribers who work in each medium, not necessarily the percentage of subscribers who identify primarily as practitioners of that particular medium. In other words, a public artist might also do painting, so she would get credit in both categories. Or a sculptor might also do photography. Like that.

Painting, 32%
Sculpture, 12%
Photography, 12%
Mixed Media, 8%
Drawing, 5%
Installation, 4%
Fiber, Fabric, Textile & Quilting, 3%
Watercolor & Watermedia, 3%
Printmaking, 2.5%
Public Art, 2%
Video & Film, 2%
Miscellaneous, 1.5%
Collage, 1.5%
Ceramics, 1%
Digital, 1%
Glass, 1%
Murals, 1%
Pastel, 1%
Book Arts, 1%

Less than 1% each: Performance, Mosaic, Jewelry, Graphic Design & Illustration, New Media, Furniture, Craft, Animation, Conceptual, Assemblage, Wood, Curatorial, Comics.

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