Monday, September 10, 2012

What does No Fee/10-20 (CD) mean?

Q: Benny... If you could, please, tell me what they are saying when the listing says something like "No Fee/10-20 (CD), resume ... etc." Are they saying they want 10 to 20 copies of CD's of relevant work history?  I would appreciate any info you can give me,  Thanks!

A: Good question. It means they want 10-20 images on a CD. If it says "(email)", it means they want that many images by email, etc. The listings are merely capsulized versions of the actual calls-to-artists, so it's important to read the actual prospectus or information page to get all the details. If the administrators get a submission that doesn't follow the rules, they usually disqualify it immediately -- because they always have more than they can handle, and they can't take a chance on trying to correct something but then getting it wrong.

A key to the general layout is  in the box on page 2 of each issue. It reads:

Media: (See Key) Deadline: (Date due) || editors rating if any (+ or ~) || professional-appropriate symbol (#)
Local restrictions, if any || Short description || Entry fee and/or number of
images being requested ||Award–what is being offered || Jurors, if named || => Contact name || Title of show or call || Address. Phone #; Fax; Email; Web address.

It is also in the cover letter, in the instructions about halfway down. But in neither place does it explain what the information inside the parentheses is. Thanks to your question, I've now change that so it will deal with it in the future.

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