Monday, April 11, 2011

Working ourselves out of a job

A subscriber recently wrote about why she would not be renewing.

"I have decided not to renew, primarily because AOM has been such a good resource that I am now busier than I ever imagined, and so for this year at least am not looking for new opportunities.

"Thanks so much for providing AOM and best wishes for the future."

We don't want anyone to pay for something they can't use, but I can't help wondering: if we didn't work so hard to find, edit and publish so many good opps would she still be a subscriber. The answer is that she probably wouldn't have subscribed in the first place, as she is, like so many AOM subscribers, a serious, intelligent artist.

We're about to launch a new free three issues campaign. The link is in case you want to pass it along to your colleagues who would like to find such a resource that is so good they may not need it in a couple of years.

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