Saturday, January 15, 2011

A couple of selections about AOM from Caroll Michels's "The Newsletter." (Michels is the author of How To Survive and Prosper as an Artist: Selling Yourself Without Selling Your Soul, 6th ed), generally considered one of the best books on the subject:

Art Opportunities Monthly is now providing a completely free version of “their highly acclaimed opportunities list for visual artists. The new AOM Free is the largest free list available anywhere. Each entry is vetted to eliminate the scams and the for-profit soak-the-artist schemes that flood other lists and sites. Each issue of AOM Free contains 250-350 carefully screened and condensed entries, delivered as a PDF directly to each subscriber's email address. There are no passwords or URLs to remember. Each issue may be read with Adobe Reader or other such free programs or may be printed in part or in whole. Each email and URL is hot, so the user can send an email or go right to the prospectus for more information or to apply. There is also a sophisticated search system to find listings by media, geographic area or terms such as ‘grant’ or ‘no entry fee’.” Link:

- Be sure to check out Benny Shaboy’s blog . He is the editor of Art Opportunities Monthly (see above). He provides insights into some suspicious so-called “opportunities for artists,” and dialogues with AOM subscribers. In the AOM Newsletter he writes: “Unlike other services, we do not knowingly include outright scams, for-profit galleries that charge fees to enter, individuals pretending to be galleries or contests that exist only to take money away from artists.”

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